In a neighborhood dense with high-end retail, luxury residences and offices, this 20,000 square foot branch library is much-needed. TEN Arquitectos’ design transforms the dark, subterranean space into an inviting, open and light-filled civic landscape in the heart of Manhattan.

The Cave

The Cave is a representation of the architects and society behind it. It is an enclosed cube that seeks to be hidden and sheltered, while showing cracks and openings to the outside world. Like mankind, the building expresses a longing to be known and loved.

DZNE German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

The new building for the DZNE, where the similarities and differences of various brain diseases are studied, is located on the southern edge of University Hospital’s Venusberg Campus in Bonn. With a usable floor area of approximately 16,000 m2, the DZNE provides optimal scientific conditions for an international team of more than 500 employees and visiting researchers.

Pezo von Ellrichshausen + artist Felice Varini to design steel-column installation for Hull UK City of Culture 2017

Out of 18 competitive teams, Pezo von Ellrichshausen and Swiss artist Felice Varini were chosen to design a temporary public art installation for the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 in Hull, England. Their winning proposal, “A Hall for Hull”, features 16 perforated, galvanized-steel columns, which will be specifically arranged in a grid formation in front of Hull Minster to highlight the symmetry of the church’s facade. 

Visitors can occupy any of the 6-meter-tall columns to experience various lighting conditions created from the perforations. The rigid geometry of the installation will be carefully distorted by the artwork of Felice Varini, who’s known for his playfully mind-bending art installations.

Melbourne named world’s most liveable city for seventh consecutive year

Melbourne, Australia has been ranked as the most “liveable” city in the world for the seventh consecutive year by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The EIU’s benchmark annual report titled “The Global Liveability Report 2017,” ranks 140 cities in order of best living conditions.

Melbourne’s 97.5 score is down to perfect assessments in health care, education, and infrastructure, as well as hitting over 95 in stability, and culture and environment.

As in previous years, the top 10 list is mostly comprised of major cities in Australia and Canada, while Vienna — once again — barely misses the first spot by 0.1 percentage points overall. Auckland, Helsinki, and Hamburg manage to claim some coveted spots at the top for their respective countries. 

The world’s top cities for liveability in 2017 are:

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Vienna, Austria
  3. Vancouver, Canada
  4. Toronto, Canada
  5. Calgary, Canada
  6. Adelaide, Australia
  7. Perth, Australia
  8. Auckland, New Zealand
  9. Helsinki, Finland
  10. Hamburg, Germany

Farmer Spends 7 Years Building Incredible Spiral Ramp to His Barn

This beautiful barn in Valldal, Norway is an incredible feat of amateur engineering featuring a stone ramp spiraling out from the hay loft. With the barn completed in 1885, one farmer spent the next seven years constructing the grassy ramp, which gained greater attention when the work was published in a 2014 book about Norway’s historic barns.

Lars Petter Olsen Valldal was both a farmer and lover of design who went to great lengths to customize his barn. He used rocks from a nearby hill, which he either transported by hand, by sliding the rocks on cowhide, or by using a custom built sled for larger pieces. The archway visible close to the barn was necessary, as an access road to other farms cut through the property.

If that weren’t enough, Olsen Valldal even designed and constructed a crane device to lift the heavy pieces into place. It’s said that he enjoyed tinkering with his inventions more than farming, leaving the agricultural work to his wife while he toyed with his designs. Of course, most of what he created went back into increasing the farm’s productivity. Aside from the ramp, which would have allowed quick storage access, he also created a machine to help spread manure and designed a system of ditches around his fields to optimize irrigation.

barn in valldal norway

Photo: BestNorwegian

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