Top 5 Ferraris of All Time

From the 275 to the Testarossa, F40 to the 458, Ferraris are a hallmark of quality. The yardstick that all supercars are inevitably measured against. Let’s play fair. Let’s take that yardstick to Ferrari themselves, peel their expansive history apart, and find the best Ferraris of all time.

#5 Ferrari Testarossa (1984-1991)

Ferrari Testarossa

Probably the most iconic Ferrari in history, thanks to countless uses in movies and TV shows, the Testarossa’s reputation is thoroughly well-deserved. The incredibly stylish body, designed by the much-vaunted design house Pininfarina is still beautiful today.

Emblematic of the 80s supercars, the smooth wedge shape with its finely etched vents, pull back into a smooth, chiseled rear. Bulging rear wheel arches give depth to each side, and all these elements pull together into one of the most beautiful machines in history. Throw a near 400hp flat-12 engine under the hood, add a great driving road, and you’ve got one of the defining drives in motoring.

#4 Ferrari 288 GTO (1984-1987)

Ferrari Testarossa

Although not as ingrained in pop culture as its younger brother, the Testarossa, the 288 GTO deserves its legacy. Produced in a very limited run of just 272 cars, the GTO held the record for fastest production car from 1984-1986, before it was snatched away by the Porsche 959. Reaching the previously unheard of speed of 188mph, with just a 3L V8, the car had the looks to go with it.

Originally meant to be a racer, the cancellation of Group B racing left the 288 GTO without a home. Instead of tearing around circuits, it would instead only be found on roads, aside from the occasional track day. But for anyone who has driven the 288 GTO, they will remember how exciting the car makes even simple trips.

#3 Enzo Ferrari (2002-2004)

Ferrari Enzo

If you’re a millennial, this was the ultimate poster car growing up. Lamborghini may have had the Murcielago, Porsche may have had the 911, and Mercedes-Benz had the SLR McLaren, but none of them held a candle to this racer-inspired beast. Named for il Commendatore, a race driver himself, he would have been ecstatic about this machine bearing his name.

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and making wide use of carbon fiber, Ferrari went all out with this machine. They wanted the best, and they got it. Inside its low-slung body, you found a 6L V12, their aim was speed, and oh boy, did they succeed. The Enzo’s top speed was an incredible 218mph, leagues ahead of their rivals. Not only was the Enzo a fantastic car, but it also provided the basis for two other beautiful cars, the track-only FXX and the P4/5.

With a legacy like this, it would be a crime not to include the Enzo in this list.

#2 Ferrari LaFerrari (2013-2015)

Ferrari LaFerrari

In many ways, the LaFerrari is something of a successor to the Enzo – both feature racing-inspired features, as well as immaculate performance, but the LaFerrari takes it even further. As well as a 6.2L engine, the LaFerrari features hybrid tech, namely a 161bhp KERS unit, which gives power a significant boost. With both systems combined, the LaFerrari has a breathtaking 949 horsepower. Its top speed is the same as the Enzo, but its acceleration, good lord, its acceleration. 2.6 seconds to 0-60. Only a tiny handful of cars, including the Bugatti Veyron, can best the LaFerrari. That is one hell of a claim to fame.

#1 Ferrari 250 GTO (1962-1964)

Ferrari 250 GTO

I’m not going to pretend that picking these rankings was anything but tooth-grindingly difficult. There are so many incredible Ferraris, that a top 5, 10, or even 20 would always miss out a handful of vitally important models. I actually started writing the F40 into this spot. Wondered about shifting the LaFerrari to #1, but no. The 250 GTO belongs here. Why? Read on.

The 250 GTO is something of a sensation. A road-legal racer, designed to beat machines like the Jaguar E-Type, the Ferrari covered itself in glory, winning the 2-liter plus category of the World Sportscar Championship for three straight years. On the road, it offers everything a driver could ask for: great feedback, sharp and light steering, speed, and an almost unmatched communication between driver and car.

Owning one of these at the time was an ask in itself – every buyer in the States had to be personally approved by old man Ferrari himself. He was careful about who was going to be driving one of these, and buying one has only got harder. Thanks to its rarity (and possibly Enzo Ferrari’s spectre keeping this car in good hands,) one of these bad boys will set you back millions. I’m not even talking a few million either, this car makes the McLaren F1 look cheap. This car will set you back by more than $30,000,000. Yep, 30 million.

But if ever a car deserved such a sky high price, it would be the 250 GTO, and that’s why it sits proudly in the #1 spot as the most desirable Ferrari for sale worldwide.

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Drone racing Red Bull style

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Dr.One sees 18 international drone racing teams from 14 different countries competing. The 2017 edition of this event took place at the Red Bull Ring, in Spielberg, Austria. Teams race against the clock while navigating obstacles.

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Ten Annoying Habits That Damage Your Car

Buying a car is a significant investment. Most people want to make sure their car keeps running and functioning smoothly for as long as possible. To some, a shiny vehicle is merely a few thousand pounds of metal used for commuting while others consider their car as a superhuman extension of their personality. No matter what your vehicle means to you, it is important that you understand that it is like any other machine. Various components of your car will wear out at some point and will, therefore, require repairs.

Some people complain about their vehicle incurring problems even after regular visits to the mechanic. Well, changing the oil, air filters, various drive belts, etc. on time will not do much good for your car if you do not drive your vehicle with care.

Most drivers, including experienced ones, have habits that cause unnecessary wear and tear. If you have any of these driving habits, try correcting them or be prepared for a hefty repair bill.

  1. Carrying unnecessary weight.
    car with excess weight in the trunk.jpg

    The performance and reliability of your car depend on a number of things, the biggest factor being the weight it carries. Make sure your sleek metal machine is not carrying any unneeded cargo. The lighter you keep your vehicle, the better it will perform. Moreover, there would be less stress on the drivetrain and suspension, therefore, less wear and tear and fewer visits to the repair shop.
  2. Revving immediately after a cold start.
    Getting the engine and engine oil up to a required temperature is necessary before you start moving the car. Starting the car and giving it enough time to distribute the oil throughout the engine block is very important. While this process takes no longer than 30 seconds in summers, it might take up to two minutes in winters. Revving the engine would not speed up the process. In fact, it would cause the temperature to change rapidly, which can damage the tightly fitted components of the engine.
  3. Relying entirely on “P” and ignoring the parking brake.
    The parking pawl or “P” is simply a little ‘finger size’ piece of metal. Most drivers often do not use the parking brake, which allows the entire weight of the car to rest on one little piece of metal in the transmission.
    This not only makes the “P” on the shifter good for nothing over time but also damages various other components in the transmission leading to further complications. Also, the car can get damaged on the outside in case the parking pawl breaks.
  4. Unnecessary flooring.
    The temptation to floor the gas pedal now and then while driving is not a big deal for car enthusiasts. However, a full throttle blast not only burns a whole lot of fuel but also causes the engine to over-rev. Moreover, it causes a significant load and stress on the both the drive train and transmission. Also, the drivers have to hit the brakes hard after the quick release. Hard braking wears out the brake pads and other critical braking components causing even more damage.
  5. Avoiding warning signs.
    Apart from various warning signs that light up inside the meter gauge, you must pay attention to other signs your car shows you. If you feel your car is making any funny noises or weird vibrations, you must make sure you get it checked and repaired immediately. Most of us neglect such signs and keep driving hoping the noises would go away on their own. If not treated on time, chances are things will get worse.
  6. Shifting into drive from reverse or vice versa without stopping.
    We are always in a hurry while driving. While we save nearly 0.5674 seconds by not completely stopping the car and shifting gears to go in the opposite direction, we cause a lot of damage to the transmission because that is simply not how we are supposed to change gears for going in the opposite direction.
  7. Continuously braking while going downhill.
    Using the brakes while driving down a steep slope generates immense amount friction causing the brake pads and rotor to heat up to a dangerous level. This causes the brakes to wear out faster, hence increasing the chance of brake failure. Switching to a lower gear while going down a steep slope helps you control the speed without braking and enhances handling.
  8. Leaving the car dirty.
    Most of us are so busy in our lives that we barely get time to get our cars cleaned. Dust, water droplets, mud and airborne contaminants stick onto the car and damage the paint. Things become even worse when the pollutants enter the various parts of the engine. It not only causes blockages but also leads to rust. You can pay a visit to the car wash or clean it yourself every once in a while.
  9. Resting your hand on the shift stick.
    Most of us driving cars with manual shift sticks usually have one hand on the wheel and one on the shifter. While this is a bit convenient for us, it puts a strain on the various components of the manual transmission, which leads to premature wear.
  10. Running low on gas.
    Keeping the fuel tank full most of the time is not something most drivers do. Driving on a small amount of fuel causes the fuel pump to wear out quickly and leads to bad mileage. This is because when there is the right amount of fuel in the tank, the fuel pump stays submerged in it, which allows it to stay cool. As soon as it is exposed to the air inside the tank, it starts to heat up.

These bad habits can be difficult to overcome. However, if you want your car to last as long as possible, you will have to make sure you avoid these habits. Plus, imagine the money you will save by ridding yourself of these habits.


image courtesy of Nate Griggs

Top 10 driving songs: Country Life’s road trip playlist

What could be better than cruising down a country lane beneath a crisp, blue sky? Doing it to the perfect soundtrack, of course. Angus Gibson selects his top 10 tracks to drive to.

driving songs

As I walk towards her, I smile. She’s been good to me, through thick and thin – she goes the extra mile. I’d like to say my heart skips a beat, but that’s ridiculous – it’s only a car. However, I love this car. She’s beautiful and powerful, with a fantastic stereo system.

I can’t wait to start my journey down through the Cotswolds for a weekend in Dorset. I know the road ahead like a spaniel tracks his favourite woodland walk – you know the one, from the A40 at Burford down the B4425 to Aldsworth, passing through Bibury and Barnsley.

I start the engine and put my playlist on the stereo, volume set at nine, no – make it 10. This is my perfect driving soundtrack.

1. Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac (Rumours)

The opening track from this album starts at a gallop and reminds me of long-ago summer nights, marquees, Juliana’s Disco-theque and carefree days. Of making friends and lost loves. It’s Fleetwood Mac at their most majestic, riding high, as we all were then.

2. Rolling in the Deep by Adele (21)

Starting with rhythmic guitar chords, Adele’s commanding voice follows to a pounding drum beat. This is tremendous, a big song from an extraordinary artist. The engine is warmed up and Adele has told her ex that they ‘could have had it all’ as I turn onto the Burford road. I slam down the throttle, the car twitches and then lurches at speed. I’m getting into my stride.

3. Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones (Some Girls)

It’s time for the swagger of Jagger and the distinctive guitar of Keith Richards. It’s almost impossible for me to choose the best Stones track and equally difficult not to pout and mimic Mick as I drive through the English countryside. I’m in my element, but I can’t wait to get to Dorset.

4. Respect by Aretha Franklin (released as a single)

There’s a gear change on the car and on the stereo as Aretha belts out her soul classic. The voice, the brass section and backing vocals are from another era – why don’t they make records like this now? I drum my
fingers on the steering wheel and think of my teenage daughter, who loves Aretha and tells me she feels confident when she sings her songs. That’s my girl!

5. New Frontier by Donald Fagen (The Nightfly)

Cornering sharply, I brake hard to allow a pheasant to scuttle into the undergrowth. Why do they try to cross the road when they could fly over it? A bassline counts in the next track, from what is perhaps my favourite record, by the other half of Steely Dan. He’s a master, a true musician – a singer, a songwriter, a player, a band leader, odd-looking, but cool. That cock pheasant was lucky. I’ve got my eye on you – see you next season.

6. Starman by David Bowie (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars)

Leaving Barnsley House behind me, Bowie’s acoustic guitar chords strain through the loudspeakers, appearing off-key. His vocals sound theatrical, then that unmistakeable London accent kicks off the first verse. I start singing along – I know all the words and the memories flood back. This was a life-changing record for me. I’ve always been curious that Bowie never lost his London accent, even when he lived in the USA. He’s much missed.

7. Come Together by The Beatles (Abbey Road)

The opening track from this album can only be described as fantastic. It just has everything – those inimitable Lennon vocals, the arrangement, the band so polished at this point in its career. Rock ’n’ roll in its finest hour. I slow down for an endless series of roundabouts.

8. Every Breath You Take by The Police (Synchronicity)

Stewart Copeland’s drum crash kicks off the track and I find myself compelled to turn up the volume. Sting starts singing those familiar words and I begin to reflect on how dark this song is – brilliant, but strange. ‘Every breath you take, every move you make… I’ll be watching you.’ Were they lying in bed or was he stalking her? Far in the distance, I glimpse two deer grazing. Are they watching each other or watching out for each other?

9. Avalon by Roxy Music (Avalon)

Bryan Ferry is one of our greatest singer-songwriters, innovative and with wonderful style. ‘Now the party’s over,’ Avalon starts – I think about the party this weekend and what it might be like to look like Mr Ferry. I check the mirror and am disappointed.

10. Shine on you Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here)

Finally, Dorset! I’ve arrived in heaven and, appropriately, Pink Floyd comes on the stereo. It’s a long track and I get lost, not on the road, but in the music. Now that it’s nearly over, I don’t want this journey to end.
I arrive at my destination and sit in the car to hear the end of the song. How many times have I done that?


Jaguar XF SportBrake – Man Versus Machine Speed Test

Jaguar and Olympic Skier Graham Bell set new Guinness World Record for the fastest towed speed on skis. Graham Bell was towed by a Jaguar XF Sportbrake, reaching a thrilling average top speed of 117mph to beat the existing record by more than 47mph. The new Jaguar XF Sportbrake fitted with All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) is the perfect tow vehicle, with outstanding performance and stability. The record was set at a super cool -28C at Jaguar Land Rovers Revi Test Centre in the Arctic Circle.

Olympic Skier Graham Bell

Former British Olympic Skier Graham Bell has smashed the Guinness World Record for the fastest towed speed on skis, pulled by the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake. After only a couple of practice attempts it was clear that Graham and the XF Sportbrake were more than up to the challenge and he went on to smash the previous record by over 47mph, achieving an average top speed of 117mph at Jaguar Land Rover’s Arctic Revi Test Centre in Arjeplog, Sweden.

With temperatures of -28C, it was set to be a real challenge for both Graham’s physical limits and the premium estate’s performance. The existing record stood at a fraction under 70mph, but with the XF Sportbrake’s all-wheel drive technology, Adaptive Surface. Response (AdSR) and All Surface Progress Control, it comfortably hit the high speeds Graham required to break the record.

Jeremy Hicks, Jaguar Land Rover UK MD, said: “The XF Sportbrake’s superb traction, handling and high speed stability made it the perfect choice for this speed record attempt. We’re extremely proud to have supported Graham in this incredible world-beating achievement it’s this kind of trail-blazing activity that really tests our cars to their limits.“

The XF Sportbrake builds on the success of the saloon and has all of the advanced all-wheel drive (AWD) technologies and aluminium-intensive architecture that have made the XF a multi-award winner.

Jaguar XF Ranking

Adding to its list of achievements and awards, the Jaguar XF was also recently the highest ranked ‘Large and Luxury Car’ in the JD Power Survey. Focusing on reliability and customer experience, the Jaguar XF’s position was secured by feedback from genuine customers who have owned their cars for 12-36 months. The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is available to order now from UK retailers, with prices starting from £34,910.