21 Beautiful Fall Table Decorations

Beautiful Fall Tablescapes - Decorating Your Table for Fall

Beautiful Fall Table Decorations Fall is approaching fast! Are you looking for some inspiration for your fall table decorations this year? This collection of beautiful fall tablescapes is full of creative ideas to motivate and inspire you to create a gorgeous fall setting in your dining room. Inspiration: This fresh Fall Apple Tablescape by Julie Blanner is […]

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DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

Like a lot of you, I’ve always struggled with actually going through the motions of printing and displaying family photos. I’ve got pictures from high school, college, and even my itty bitty childhood ready to go on my hard drive, but I just never seem to have the time to go through and print my favorites—let alone actually find a way to display them.

All that’s about to change though. I’ve quietly stolen all of the photo albums from my parents’ house with the aim to scan and print my favorites from the collection. If nothing else, I think the entire family will rest a little easier knowing that there are digital copies of these one-of-a-kind snaps, but my ultimate goal, of course, it to print these memories and set them up around our house for posterity’s sake.

The inspiration for this ongoing project was actually my dad’s birthday party just a couple of weeks ago. John and I hosted the gathering at our house, and since I’m physically incapable of throwing a party without some kind of DIY, I decided to come up with a fun photo game to make the most of dad’s childhood photos. I wasn’t planning to feature the project here on my blog (which accounts for the slightly haphazard display), but it turned out to be such a simple craft and such a hit at the party, that I couldn’t help but add it to the blog’s editorial calendar of posts.

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

All you need to recreate the look at your own birthday party is a roll of kraft paper (I used masking paper typically used for painting projects), clothespins, push pins, scissors, a permanent marker, and printed photos of the birthday boy or girl, preferably from all different stages of life—from their birth and childhood, to teenage years, and adulthood.

First, unroll the kraft paper by about four feet and cut it straight across at the bottom with scissors. If the birthday boy or girl is turning 50 or 60, you may need to cut two lengths of paper to hang side by side in order to accommodate all of the years of the person’s life.

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

Next, Write out age increments of about 3-5 years every 9-12 inches using a permanent marker. Hang the paper strips on the wall with push pins, and then clip printed photos onto the kraft paper in a random order. In other words, you may place baby photos in the “Ages 21-30” section, and college graduation pictures in the “Ages 6-10” section.

Note that I also left enough room at the top of the first paper strip to write simple instructions (“See if you can place Pat!”). This will help guide party guests through the purpose of the game.

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

We had so much fun standing around the display rearranging the photos into their correct order. The game also got the stories and conversation flowing! Dad told us all sorts of things about his days in the army and about the kids he and his siblings used to hang out with in their old neighborhood.

After the party was over, I tucked the printed pictures aside in an envelope, and now have plans to scan and print even more pictures out so I can put together a family photo album of my own. So, what do you think? Would you consider giving this photo game a try at your next milestone birthday party?

DIY Birthday Photo Guessing Game Banner

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#61: How To Conquer Paper Clutter (Once And For All!)

When it comes to paper clutter around the house, the struggle is real. Where does it come from? Is it in the rabbit family, because HOW IS IT MULTIPLYING?! We get it. And this week we’re sharing exactly how we keep it at bay (and exactly where we put everything, from receipts and school papers to bills, party invitations, and coupons). Also, a recent trip to tile at the beach house went less than smoothly, but a bout of good karma saved the day. I also share some psychology behind how to price your items on Craigslist, Sherry drops an easy way to keep frame galleries in order, and – believe it or not – there’s already a color of the year for 2018.

You can download this episode from Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher, and TuneIn Radio – or listen to it below! Then use this page to check out any links, notes, or photos we referenced. Note: If you’re reading in a feed reader, you might have to click through to the post to see the player. 

What’s New

(you can find the above tile here and here – we swapped out the black tiles for the blue ones)

  • That isn’t the prettiest picture, but we snapped it the morning after our behind-the-scenes tile/drain disaster that we conveniently skipped over in last week’s post (picture me yelling “too soon!” when Sherry asked if I was going to mention it). This shot was taken after Sherry popped out a few stray tiles that we didn’t place very well in the darkness the night before, which were easily removed and reset in the morning.
  • You can see where the thinset is slightly darker in the photo above because that’s where we pried up a 20″ area around the drain. We originally used white thinset, but later had gray thinset mixed when we reset everything higher to be level with the drain (once we grout it’ll be hidden).
  • Thankfully, as you saw in last week’s post, everything turned out just fine in the end. Still need to grout everything!

(you can find the above tile here)

  • And if you missed the story of me finding the dog’s owner back in the winter, you can hear it at the very start of Episode #34Note: If you’re reading in a feed reader, you might have to click through to the post to see the player. 


Quick Tip

  • Here’s the episode of NPR’s Hidden Brain where I originally heard the study about round-numbered pricing versus precise sale prices that aren’t round, and how things might sell faster or for more money, depending on which kind of pricing you use.
  • And if you want to dive deeper, this is the original study they referenced in the episode.

What’s Not

Listener Question: Paper Clutter

(you can find the art above here and the chandelier in the foyer here)

  • We shared one of our paper clutter busting tips waaaay back at the start of Episode #1, which was our school paper tray (seen above) where we mindlessly toss things to deal with in bulk every week or so. It sits on top of our printer cabinet, which has file storage in the bottom drawer.
  • Below is the receipt / invoice drawer where I mindlessly toss stuff that we’ll need for our taxes. We go through that bin each month while updating our Quickbooks, and then they go into an accordian folder that’s marked with the year and divided by month.

We’re Digging

  • The “velcro strips” that we use to keep our gallery walls straight come in lots of sizes. We like the multipack, and often cut some of the larger ones vertically to fit behind our frames so we get two for the price of one.
  • And try to catch The Big Sick before it leaves theaters, or keep an eye out for it once it makes its way to video. It was the perfect date night movie (even the trailer is hilarious).

If you’re looking for something we’ve dug in a past episode, but don’t remember which show notes to click into, here’s a master list of everything we’ve been digging from all of our past episodes.

And lastly, a big thank you to Universal Furniture for sponsoring this episode. You can enter to win $10,000 in new living room furniture at UniversalFurniture.com/YHL now through August 28th. Oh, and if you’re curious, check out how they decked out the Country Living 2017 Lake House of the Year.

Thanks for listening, guys!

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Secluded Intown Treehouse

Centrally located within the heart of intown Atlanta, this airbnb treehouse is a true hidden gem. Often described as relaxing and romantic, it’s been named as Airbnb’s #1 most wish-listed property in the world (2016). .Just minutes from downtown, this secluded property provides an intimate, simple and calming retreat for 2 people.  Let’s take a look!


Your College Student Won’t Be Ready for Dorm Life Without These 13 Essential Items

The Essential Dorm Kit: Everything your college student needs when they fly the coop
Sponsored by The Home Depot

During my senior year of high school, I was given what I still count as one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It was a tool set. Nothing fancy – just a hammer, some screwdrivers, and a cordless drill that died after 23 seconds of use. When I received it (it was given to me by my friend’s brilliant and thoughtful dad), I thought it was cute and sweet, but not much more. It wasn’t until after I moved into my first apartment that I realized just how awesome of a gift this was. You never stop to think about buying a hammer until you actually need a hammer.           

(How I Totally Screwed Up) Trimming Out My Final Shop Window

When I built out my basement shop space last fall/winter, there remained a couple of unfinished spots that I knew I’d need to deal with. Case in point: this obscure glass window. (This half of the shop was intended to be a bathroom, and this would have sat right over the tub.)

Last week, I got a new, very large, very heavy stationary woodworking machine (more on that soon), which I’d planned to store right along this wall. So, I figured if I didn’t trim it out now, I’d never do it, and it’d look exactly the same in twenty years. 

So, I got to work. And it was kind of a disaster.    … Continue reading on ManMadeDIY.com

Designer Crafts Stunning Mars Poster By Carefully Rusting a Sheet of Metal

metal printing diy

Designer Barry Abrams of PLY Press has taken his work to a new level with this beautiful piece of planetary wall art. Using real rust on metal, he’s generated a striking image of Mars. And generously, he’s even given step by step instructions on how to create your own version of the Red Planet poster.

All you need is a little knowledge of screen printing and it’s quite easy to replicate the metal printing. Don’t have time to make your own? Unfortunately a pre-order for the metal posters has already sold out, but the designer plans on releasing more—and maybe even other planets—in the future. Stay tuned to his website and Instagram to see when new work is available. And if you want to try your hand at creating your own Mars poster, check out Abrams’ process below.

To start the metal poster, cut a square piece of sheet metal and clean it with Muriatic acid to take off any existing rust.

metal printing diy

Then cut a circular mask out of vinyl adhesive and apply it to the sheet metal.

metal printing diymetal printing diy

To create rust on the metal, fill an empty spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and apply to the open circle on the sheet metal.

metal printing diy

Let it bubble for a few minutes and take off the excess moisture by dabbing the surface with a paper towel.

metal printing diy

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Make a Clay Mountain Photo Holder to Display your Favorite Photos

Make a Clay Mountain Photo Holder to Display your Favorite Photos

Air dry clay is such a fun, versatile craft supply. You can use it to make just about anything and paint it whatever colors you want once it’s dry. Plus, since you don’t have to bake it, I think it’s great for dorm DIY projects! It’s dorm decor season, and this simple clay mountain photo holder is the perfect way to display your favorite photos in your dorm or in your home.