22 Blue Shoes to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Of all the creative ways to try “something blue” on your wedding day, adding the cool-toned hue in the form of gorgeous heels certainly tops our list. Opting for blue wedding shoes will also cross off “something new” when keeping with those long-held traditions. Whether you’re trying classic pumps or glamorous platform heels, there’s a blue shoe style out there for every type of bride.

Try out a lighter sky blue shade or bright aquamarine for spring and summer weddings, or opt for a deep midnight tone, which feels rich in velvet or suede finishes for fall weddings. Maybe you’re a traditional bride who wants her footwear to mirror the rest of the wedding’s overall aesthetic, in which case we love a classic pointed-toe stiletto (yes, you’ll find that iconic Manolo Blahnik pair in here). Or perhaps you’re taking a more trend-forward approach as a bride and want cool girl–approved wedding shoes (see our Gianvito Rossi and Aquazurra picks). Whether it’s blue satin, blue suede, or blue velvet, each of these pairs feels so special, and we’re betting that you’ll find a pair you can’t live without. We know we’d wear some of these heels long after the ceremony and reception.

Go on to discover 22 of the most beautiful blue wedding shoes to wear with your gown.

For the bride with elegant style.
Clear plexi makes this pair ultra modern.
The blue suede shoes of your dreams.
For the bride with a little edge to her style.
This midnight shade of blue is perfect for a fall or winter wedding.
For the minimalist bride.
Wait, we’d totally wear these after the big day.
Carrie Bradshaw–approved.
Add some major sparkle in this pair.
Gorgeous heel alert!
Satin makes everything chicer.
This shade of blue almost counts a neutral.
Perfect for a subtle shimmer.
This aquamarine pair is ideal for a summer-weather wedding.
Dance the night away in these kitten heelsno shoe change required.
File under “shoes you’ll wear long after the wedding.”
For the low-key bride.
So pretty and ladylike.
Yes, you need these velvet heels whether or not you wear them with a white dress.
For the all-out glam bride.
This ballerina-inspired pair is incredibly chic but still so timeless.
For when you can’t decide between blue and navy. Next up, what brides will wear in 2018.

Disney Channel Outfits From the 2000s: A Retrospective

As we know, the 2000s were a great time for fashion, especially for those starring in Disney Channel Original Movies and TV shows. Come with us as we take a look back at the wonderful and sometimes questionable fashion choices of some our favorite Disney Channel stars.

The Cheetah Girls in coordinating velour tracksuits

Cheetah Girls Throwback picture.Let it be known that the Cheetah Girls were rocking the athleisure aesthetic before any Instagram model.


Troy Bolton and his skater flow

Troy Bolton smiling profile picture.Literally every single boy you knew in middle school rocked this look, which was known for the characteristic winged tips that perfectly peeked out from under a skate helmet.


Every single style from Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire Fashion Retrospective.
Honestly, we could write a whole retrospective on the clothing, accessories, and hairstyles from Lizzie McGuire.


Raven’s layering skills

That's-So-RavenRaven was the queen of layering. Case in point: her distressed embroidered jeans layered under a tunic dress, which is layered under a pink scoop neck and topped off with a brocade jacket. Phew!


Get a Clue Ombre orange sunglasses

Before ombre hair was a thing, ombre sunglasses were the hot trend.


The outfits on the special “That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana”

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana episode featuring Raven and Maddie.In this iconic crossover episode we saw Raven and Maddie (pictured above), as well as the rest of the crew from three of the best 2000s Disney Channel shows—That’s So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana—serving several classic 2000s looks, including bold fabric choices, girls in ties, colored hair extensions, and the color aqua.


The iconic Cadet Kelly magenta rhinestone outfit

Cadet Kelly
Rhinestone magenta tee? Check. Rhinestone XL buckle belt? Check. Pink camouflage pants with strategically placed rhinestones? Duh. Kelly knew how to make military style her own, and for that we’re forever grateful.


Miley Stewart and Lilly Truscott flashing you back to your middle school years

Miley Stewart and Lilly Truscott from Hannah Montana
The popular duck face and peace sign poses are really the 2000s cherries on top of these “We’re going camping but still want to look cute” outfit sundaes. Seriously, we’re experiencing a total flashback to our formative years when all we wanted to do was make sure we looked cool enough for the occasional disposable camera pic that we ultimately added to a Facebook album we regrettably titled “Let’s Go: It’s a GNO: Fall 2007!”

What are your favorite 2000s Disney Channel looks? Let us know in the comments!

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Cool Work Outfit Ideas for a Medium-Strict Dress Code

Thought you couldn’t wear patent red thigh-skimmers to the office? Think again. Tone ’em down with a neutral, princess-sleeved blazer and demure turtleneck dress.

Wool Blazer With Full Sleeves, $129 at Zara; High Neck Dress, $39.90 at Zara; Gathered Leather Over the Knee High Heel Boots, $159 at Zara

Nine-to-five pajama dressing requires simple patterns and (relatively) structured separates. (And a sleek updo. And statement earrings.)

Creased Trousers, $95 at & Other Stories; Petit Flower Shirt, $65 at & Other Stories; Slipper Leather Loafers, $125 at & Other Stories


Combat trouser fatigue with an oh-so-2017 slitted, center-seam pair. Sub your neutral knit for one with fun 3D appliqués; swap your worn-out black ankle boots for a satiny crimson pair

Little Moon Imperata Pant, $150 at Aritizia; Little Moon Caleana Sweater, $185 at Aritzia


Per Mona Kowalska of A Détacher, wear your cardigan as a standalone top and pair it with wide-leg pants. For a less obtrusive look, go tonal.

Wool Trousers With Turn-Ups, $125 at COS; Ribbed Merino-Wool Cardigan, $99 at COS


Two #trending patterns, one killer office outfit.

Checked Trousers, $49.90 at Zara; Striped Blouse With Belt, $39.90 at Zara


A chiffon maxi dress covers all your non-nine-to-five bits and won’t pinch your tummy as you’re working. If you’re not one for millennial pink, this dress also comes in navy blue (with subtle floral accents).

Chiffon Dress, $39.99 at H&M



If your dress code permits, masquerade a sweatshirt as a sweater. Find one with cute tie-end sleeves and layer it over patterned trousers and a classic button down.

Slacks, $14.99 at H&M; Sweatshirt With Ties, $24.99 at H&M




Lean into the 70s moment in a caramel-hued, strong-collared sweater dress. (But be sure to layer it over a black turtleneck, because HR.)

Skylar Sweater Dress, $168 at Free People; Jeffrey Campbell x Free People Pants Dance Boot, $285 at Free People; FP Movement Breeze Yarn Turtleneck, $48 at Free People


Ask any ballerina: diaphanous skirts call for slicked-back hair.

Tulle Ball Skirt, $198 at J.Crew; New Perfect Shirt in Cotton Poplin, $69.50 at J.Crew



Update a tried-and-true pairing: Couple an earth-toned, exaggerated hem midi with a ruched-sleeve button down. 

C/MEO COLLECTIVE Bound Together Skirt, $161 at Need Supply; C/MEO COLLECTIVE Right Kind of Madness Shirt, $145 at Need Supply


You can never go wrong with a tailored dress-over-pants combo.

WHITE Knit Midi Dress With Chiffon Twist Detail, $67.50 at ASOS (For those above a size 6, here’s a similar dress.); PRIORITY High Heels, $40 at ASOS


Need new ideas on what to wear to work this season? Curating an elegant work wardrobe is an art form. But luckily, you don’t have to be an experienced stylist to learn the ropes. You just have to know the formula for perfect work outfits. First and foremost, you want to take an honest look at what you already own. Do you have your 13 workwear essentials? If so, take a look at each item and make sure it’s in good condition and that it still fits. If it needs any small tailoring or mending, cross that off your to-do list.

Second, you’ll want to take stock of your shoe closet. Do you have comfortable shoes you can wear for long stretches of time or are you up to your eyeballs in footwear that’s not functional? And how’s the variety? Double check that you have an easy flat (ballet or brogue), a sturdy ankle boot, classic black pumps and, if your work dress code permits, a pair of stylish winter boots.

And finally, if there are any workwear separates hanging in your closet that don’t fit or that you haven’t worn in a year, donate them. You don’t want to clutter up your closet with clothes that don’t make you feel good. After all, that’s prime real estate. Once your work closet is in good shape and your wardrobe has a solid foundation, you have ample room to play with seasonal trends to spice up your work outfits. And that’s when the fun begins.

Click on the gallery above for 11 cool, fresh-feeling work outfits to wear this fall. Because let’s be honest, there are only so many ways you can wear a black trouser.

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The Ultimate Guide To The Peacoat

The term ‘classic’ is bandied around like a fashion hot potato when it comes to describing most pieces inside men’s wardrobes. But few were so perfect the first time around that they haven’t been refined over time. The peacoat, however,…

New Innovative Concept by adidas

Quel est le futur de la chaussure de sport en France et à travers le monde ? C’est la question que s’est posée la marque adidas pour concevoir une ligne de production de baskets ultra-innovantes et singulières : la SPEEDFACTORY.

Au premier abord, la série AM4 produite par la SPEEDFACTORY propose une chaussure souple et légère aux lignes design et épurées, mais en réalité, son concept va bien plus loin que cela. adidas a imaginé un modèle unique qui se conçoit à partir des données physiologiques, corporelles et géographiques des athlètes.

Après un scan rapide qui analyse les données personnelles de l’athlète, la SPEEDFACTORY, véritable usine du futur avec une chaîne de production ultra rapide, adapte puis conçoit le produit en un temps record.

Le modèle AM4LDN (adidas Made For London) est le premier a être sorti de la SPEEDFACTORY installée en Allemagne. Londres étant la première des six villes clés à faire l’expérience d’une chaussure de sport adaptée aux besoins individuels, bientôt rejoint par Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai et Paris.

Le 26 octobre prochain, le projet adidas SPEEDFACTORY s’arrête à Paris pour concevoir le modèle AM4PAR. Du 27 au 30 octobre, les amateurs de sport, d’innovation et de technologie de pointe pourront venir expérimenter la SPEEDFACTORY sur le parvis de Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, et vivre un moment unique entre futur de la conception et avenir de la production.

Les visiteurs pourront tester le programme d’analyse corporelle et définir leur profil sportif, ils pourront également découvrir les tous premiers modèles sortis de la SPEEDFACTORY.