Revealed: the most (and least) popular design trends across the UK

Plus, find out what style is most popular in your home city

Have a guess at what you think the most popular design trends are across the UK right now. Modern styles such as the industrial trend perhaps? And how about the least popular? Magnolia paint?

Recent research carried out by AXA Insurance has looked at design trends across the UK, and it has uncovered some surprising results.

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Participants from around the country were asked to choose their favourite design trends out of 40 options. And, while you might think we’re a forward-thinking country when it comes to interior styles, it was traditional designs that came out on top. Wooden beams were the firm favourite, followed by fluffy rugs and blankets, feature walls, TVs in the bedroom and magnolia paint!


Image credit: Polly Eltes

Even with more modern and exciting neutrals on offer, magnolia paint made it into the top five! That goes to show that we are creatures of habit here in the UK. And we thought it was all about grey these days!

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The least popular design trends? Aside from exposed brickwork, which we personally are huge fans of, we think the rest of these deserve their place in the hall of shame. Taxidermy came out as the least popular trend, followed by cluttered rooms (no thanks), carpet in bathrooms (yuck) and animal print (we’ll give this one a little more leeway…).


Image credit: James French

But results varied city to city throughout the UK. The research unearthed that many of our preconceptions regarding design trends in cities are incorrect. London, for example, is often thought of as the city that enjoys all things modern. However, the capital came out as the city with the most appreciation for Victorian/Heritage design.

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And based on the new architecture popping up across the city, you might think Londoners would also be the biggest fan of minimalist design. However cities in the north came out on top in this category, with people in Newcastle showing the biggest appreciation for minimalism, followed by Manchester and Leeds.


Image credit: Richard Gadsby

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People in Brighton & Hove were revealed to be the most fond of the Hipster trend, showing that some cities do lean towards their assumed tastes.

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Modern Home Designed with Outdoor Views in Mind

Cymon Allfrey Architects completed the design and development of Mt. Pleasant Home, a modern home with extensive outdoor views in Christchurch, New Zealand. The 3,230 square-foot (300 square-meter) villa cascades down a hill allowing most interior rooms direct access to the gardens and sheltered courtyards.

“Our brief was to create a modern family home that considered the harsh, wind-swept environment,” the architects said. “We were to capture the dramatic vast views and provide the diversity of planning to create sheltered courtyards for outdoor living in most conditions.” Therefore, the home’s exterior is clad in cedar boards which aims to anchor the house in its idyllic setting.

“Formal and informal living spaces are grouped to allow a strong connection between family members,” the architects added. “Interconnecting doors allow a degree of separation to be achieved where necessary. Sleeping spaces are placed in the higher living pavilion providing for acoustic separation to the general living rooms.”

The minimalist interior design focuses the attention on the magical landscape beyond the windows. Three partially roofed courtyards surround the living room and offer protection from the strong winds. Be sure to check out the house plans at the end of this post for a better understanding of the project. Photography by Stephen Goodenough.

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An Eclectic Artist’s Home In Melbourne Brings In Light and Color

I love going back into the Design*Sponge archives, looking for inspiration and revisiting homes that I can’t get out of my head. One home that has always stood out to me from past tours is from Australia-based artist, Paula Mills of Sweet William. From the mantel in the living room to the can arrangement in the kitchen, it has always been one of my favorites. Paula, her husband, their three daughters and their family dog, Bella, have since moved into a new home in North Melbourne, Australia which celebrates even more charm, color, and visual inspiration. Their home was featured on Design Files last year, where you can find a different take on the home. The family has since added a wall of bold, floral wallpaper, and today we’re getting a peek at Paula’s in-home studio.

In this new-to-them space, the Mills family has worked hard to return some of the former glory to their home, uncovering brick by brick. “With good bones, we wanted to freshen it up but not lose character,” Paula shares. “We opened the living space up by removing a wall between the dining room and kitchen. We put in double doors leading out onto the courtyard from the sun room. We plastered cracks and painted all the walls off-white, but left the skirting boards and wooden floors to retain all the chippy character and texture. But always a work in progress.”

With an in-home studio for her business Sweet William, Paula was glad to give us a special peek behind her work as well. I hope this will be a tour that you revisit over and over, for years to come. Enjoy! —Erin

Photography by Sallyanne Hartnell

Image above: “The changed color on the floorboards shows where we had the wall removed which originally divided these two rooms. The kitchen cabinet to the right joins the two rooms together, it was bought at a local thrift shop and we painted it our own shade of pastel pink. We haven’t done much to the kitchen and it is on our list of things to update at some stage, but it functions perfectly well as it is,” Paula shares. 

52 Cat-Themed Home Decor Accessories & Gifts For Cat Lovers

Feeling just crazy about cats? You, the internet’s cat videos, and our cat-themed home décor accessories are not alone. Cats make our lives lighter, brighter, and just that touch more cuddly. Inject some personality into your bathroom, with a cat toothbrush holder on your shower wall. Shed light on your next party or gathering, with cat-faced fairy lights gracing the scene. Go that step too far in the workplace, with a cat pencil sharpener inserting pencils in its butt. Get cat-friendly in your home or office, with our top 52 picks for cat-themed décor and accessories.


Cat-Shaped Table Lamp: Want a table lamp with a difference? This white porcelain beauty’s incisions reflect out light before sleep-time.


Cat Night Light: Looking for kids’ night lights instead? This cute kitten offers a seven-colour light mode – and a portable design your kids can hold.

$100BUY IT

Cat Ear Headphones: Play the cool cat, with these innovative headphones. Over the ear cushioning ensures a secure fit and exterior silence – or, turn on the cat ears to blast the music outside. USB-rechargeable.


Cat-Shaped String Lights: Have a party planned for a cat-mad friend? Light up the occasion, with these handmade, battery-operated and cat-faced fairy lights.


Cat Wall Decals: Wish a cat would tear into the room? Take your dream literally, with these 3D wall decals simulating moggy madness.


Vinyl Cat Wall Decals: Want something a little more subtle? These sitting, jumping and playing cats provide interior personality in vinyl.


Stylish Cat Art Print: Love a grumpy cat? Clad yours in a beanie, in this artistic print on 100% cotton rag paper.


Framed Cat Artwork: Black cat lovers can’t go past this framed print by Jon Bertelli. Its 17×17 poster is framed with sturdy black wood and plexi glass for protection.


Colorful Cat Canvas Art: Printed on canvas, this close-up injects more colour. Hang its 20×20 inch frame on your bedroom or lounge wall.


Cat-Themed Metal Wall Art: Think you’re just looking at wall art? Think again. This black cast iron kitty can hang on your wall, or act as a hot-plate coaster to protect your kitchen table.


Cat-Themed Bed Sheet: Get your daughter the cat-themed bedroom she dreams of. This pretty-in-pastel design offers a duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillowcases.


Cat With Glasses Bed Set: Buying for a boy instead? This cotton and polyester blend sleeps your son amongst cool cats.


Cat Shower Curtain: For a shower that’s fun for all the family, this cat curtain is a treat. Machine-washable in polyester, you can buy the matching bath rug to complete the full set.


Cat-Shaped Rug: There’s nothing like a sleeping cat to calm the senses. Place this polyester mat where your cat likes to doze – and get a free mermaid necklace to boot.


Cat-Shaped Pillows: Plush and available in three colours, these cats provide the perfect form for a late-night snuggling session.


Judgmental Cat Pillow: People judge; but so do cats. Be a cat person first, with this provocative pillow upon your lounge-bound sofa.

From $5BUY IT

More Cat-Themed Cushions: Prefer cuter characters? This wide range of cat pillows provides all you need for a purring good time.


Cat Hook & Holder: Brush your teeth in the shower? This plastic white cat holds your brush and paste in a cat-themed bathroom.


Cat Hampers: Cats don’t just eat in laundries – they own them. This yellow-eyed felt moggy hides all your dirty laundry in these unique laundry baskets.


Cat Toilet Paper Holder: Shopping for the friend who has everything? This cast iron toilet paper holder in the shape of a cat is an unusual find.


Decorative Cat Wall Hooks: Need somewhere to hang your bags? This stain-resistant and rust-proof rack lets you hang your raincoats amidst a bevy of cats.


Cat Butt Magnets: Have decorative wall hooks on your radar? These vinyl cat butts add the unusual to your interior.


Cat Mugs: Get a dose of cuteness with your caffeine. These ceramic cat mugs – and free matching spoons – come in black or white.


Surprise Cat Coffee Mug: Don’t expect to find a cat in your mug? These unique coffee mugs exceed all expectations.


Cat Tea Cup With Infuser: Infuse your tea, feline-style. This crazy cat mug in glass strains through a fish.


Cat Tea Infuser: Available in pink or grey, these adorable clingers-on strain through non-toxic silicone.


Cat Coasters: Get a moggy face for every cup. These silicone coasters are a quirky way to protect your table.


Cat Butt Coasters: Drink coasters never seemed so rude. Hand-crocheted in 100% cotton, they’re a find to hide away when your Grandma comes over.


Black and White Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set: After salt and pepper shakers for a romantic date? Set these ceramic love-cats upon the dining table.


Cat-Shaped Wine Holder: Give the gift of wine, with a cat on the side. This handmade metal holder is perfect for the dining table or kitchen.

From $17BUY IT

More Fancy Whimsical Cat-Themed Wine Holders: Can’t choose between metal, ceramic, or just plain crazy? This range of wine holders all use cats as their feature.


Cat Cutting Board: Handmade in the US with cherry, black walnut and maple woods, these unique cutting boards are almost good enough to eat.


Cat Egg Mould: Surprising a cat lover for breakfast? Shape their eggs in a cat’s face, while they cook on the pan.


Cat Ice Cube/Chocolate Moulds: Give the gift of the feline form, in these rubber chocolate and ice-cube moulds.


Cats Pattern Embossing Rolling Pin: Want to go the extra mile? Imprint your cookies with cats for the Christmas season.


Cat Tongs: Looking to add to your cat kitchen decor? These Japanese-made, dishwasher-safe cat tongs are some cool kitchen gadgets.


Cat Spoons: Made from ceramic and stainless steel, these unique flatware spoons add a smile to your tea time.


Cat Measuring Spoons: Make baking fun again! These ceramic measuring spoons come adorably gathered with a ribbon bow tie.


Nested Cat Measuring Cups: Use liquids more often? See a cat’s face at the bottom of these ceramic cup measurements.


Cat Footed Bowl: Switch up your nut bowl, with cat’s paws underneath. Its non-porous stoneware is microwave and dishwasher-safe.


Minimalist Cat Planter: Looking for the perfect way to spice up your worktable? A cat planter can’t lead your far astray.


Funny Cat Succulent Planter: Give your succulents a dose of humour. These resin animal-shaped planters let plants breathe through a hole in their bottom.


Decorative Cat Vases: Hide your pens and paper clips – or show off your prize blooms – in these ceramic cat holders.


Decorative Ceramic Cat Figurines: Have a space in need of a furry friend? Place these sleek figurines upon the spot.


Cat Garden/Memorial Statue: Crafted in resin, this angelic kitty is worthy of a cat to remember. Place it indoors or outdoors to relish its memory.


Cat Bookends: Made of polystone, these unique bookends play with black cats – and hold your books together.


Cat Pencil Sharpener: Shock your clients, with this unconventional sharpener amidst your cat office décor.


Cat Pen: Want to play it more PC? This cat pen in black or bright pink signs your deals in black ink.


Cat Door Stopper: See a cat behind the door? These decorative doorstops are made of cast iron.


Cat Door Knocker: Love gargoyles – and cats? These unique door knockers are an interesting hybrid.


Cat Coir Doormat: Hand-stencilled with fade-resistant dyes, these funny door mats ensure your feet don’t slip on their sturdy coir.


Cat-Shaped Cat House: A cat needs their own style of décor – and these cute plush kittens provide the open mouths to house them.

Looking for more cat specific inspiration for your home? Check out our stylish cat furniture post for more cat-friendly ideas.

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