New Kylie Minogue bedding adds a glamorous touch to bedrooms

If your style is ultra glam it’ll be ‘Love at First Sight’ upon seeing Kylie’s new bedding designs

Inspired by her show-stopping glamour the new Kylie Minogue bedding adds plenty of razzmatazz to bedrooms. Kylie herself says, ‘My new collection delivers a range of sumptuous and glamorous bedding that is perfect to brighten and add some sparkle to your home.’

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The new Kylie Minogue At Home range features five stylish designs, all perfect to liven up bedrooms for spring. As you would expect from the princess of pop the bedding designs feature heaps of embellishments and more than a touch of sparkle.

Take a look at the new designs below to decide which one is ‘Especially For You’…

Kylie Minogue bedding-Adele

Don’t let the neutral colourway deceive you, the Adele bed linen is oozing understated glamour. The soft oyster satin features a delicately embroidered feather pattern. Translucent sequins add a gentle sparkle across the bedding set, creating an enchanting feel.

Kylie Minogue bedding

The Cadence design is perfect for those that love shades of grey for bedrooms. Decorative swirls of sequins embellish the luxurious satin cover to create a real style statement.

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The Saturn design features an embossed panel of sumptuous velvet on top of a gorgeous grey satin ground. A glistening diamond trim adds the perfect glam finishing touch.


In on-trend tones of violet, the Marisa design is an eclectic mix of soft printed satin and sequins. The abstract floral print is beautifully accentuated with a mix of shimmering velvet and bejeweled cushions. To add further interest there’s a glitzy oyster sequin throw to co-ordinate.

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Kylie Minogue bedding

A panel of sumptuous quilted velvet dominates the sophisticated Gia bedding. The signature touch of Kylie glam is created with tiny silver sequins across an opulent ombre of deep slate grey to oyster.

All new designs are available from double to king, with matching housewife pillowcases. Available from selected leading retailers across the UK.
Prices start from £20 to £140.

The new Kylie Minogue at Home range also features co-ordinating accessories including soft velvet throws, embellished bolsters and diamante cushions to enhance the look.

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The One Thing You Need to Finally Eliminate Kitchen Clutter

In my family, everything happens in the kitchen: work, bill paying, meal planning, arts and crafts, homework, evening gardening. Oh, right — and cooking and dining, too. Even though those are the main purposes of the space, so much other gear can creep into the kitchen it seems like sometimes there’s no space at the kitchen table to eat, or on the kitchen counter to prep food!

Keeping kitchen clutter at bay feels like an exercise in futility: Even if you work at it every day, it keeps growing. And when you do the big overhaul where you spend an hour going through everything and tidying and re-homing it, the countertop and table only stay clean for about two days before they get messy again. So frustrating!


Weekend Inspiration: Cottage Kitchen

I have adored this charming kitchen ever since I first saw it years ago in The Cottage Journal. Over the past year, Andrea from Willow Wisp Cottage (the owner of this kitchen) has become a great friend and also a fantastic leader in our Pure & Lovely Tribe. Her lovely kitchen was designed by another talented […]

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31 Home Improvements That Will Double the Value of Your Home

Additional bathroom


This may be the best home improvement you can make. After all, can we ever have enough bathrooms? According to Steve Frellick, licensed contractor and founder/broker of Yonder Luxury Vacation Rentals, a one-to-one bedroom/bathroom ratio is ideal. “An additional bathroom creates greater functionality of a home, while also increasing resale value.” Not sure where you could possibly squeeze in an additional bathroom? There are usually a variety of hidden opportunities in homes. This may be an underutilized closet, space in the basement, or “stealing” a little space from a bedroom or hallway, says Frellick. Check out these 15 secrets to locking down the sale of your home faster.

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Green and Gold Interior With Modern Eclectic Vibe [Includes Floor Plans]

There is a clear harmony in a green and gold colour combination in decor. Maybe it is reminiscent of colours found in nature, like the changing colours of tree leaves in the weeks leading from summer into autumn, or of strong sunlight dancing over wild grass. Whatever it is, the pairing also has a regal quality that adds an air of sophistication in whichever space they grace. Take this green and gold home tour designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova. This apartment has tones that vary from an aqua blue-green hue all the way over to deep forest green, and gold that ranges from classic gleaming metallic to matte golden yellow fabric.

This green and gold colour journey starts with a decidedly aqua blue-green tone. A section of wall and ceiling around the floor to ceiling windows is of a turquoise hue, brightly framing the natural light source in the room. The colour band creates a visual pitstop at the end of an elongated layout. A couple of indoor plants soak up the sunlight that filters through white privacy voiles across the exterior glass.

Taupe upholstery on a deep cushioned sofa works beautifully with the vivid blue-green paint colour, slightly neutralising its intensity. A selection of graphic scatter pillows tie the two hues together. A bold black and beige throw edged with tassels gives the neutral sofa a fresh and youthful flourish. Behind the sofa a stack of white display shelves stand against a white wall, holding a selection of framed pictures, books, decorative candles and wine glasses.

A trio of contemporary wall lights mark the sudden transition of wall colour, and draw attention to a textured surface of the wall.

A pair of round wooden nesting tables hold a gold designer table lamp, for use as a focussed task light on the sofa.

Opposite the taupe fabric sofa is an understated console unit, made with a combination of wood, glass and black powder coated metal. The floating wooden volume at the centre of the low console unit is three drawers used to stow away DVDs or games for viewing or playing on the wall mounted flat screen TV above it. The television is situated on a plain white wall with concealed wiring. The expanse of white balances out the eye-catching colour around the window nearby. Two decorative panels are also in white, casually propped against the plain wall at floor level.

A modern eclectic dining set has been curated for this space. It consists of a gold dining table big enough to seat four to six people. Two gold wire-frame chairs and two black leather chairs have been selected.

Green glass decorative vases adorn the dining table top, tying the eating area in with the green kitchen cabinets that stand behind it. They are teamed with a small black plant pot to match with the two black leather dining chairs.

The dark forest green kitchen cabinets are accessorised with gold door handles that gleam luxuriously in the light. The wall and ceiling framing the kitchen area has been painted in a matching shade, echoing the colourful framing stripe around the window opposite.

Interior glazing keeps the home feeling spacious and airy. Sliding glass doors are famed in ebony black. White curtains hide away the view of the dressing room when in use, where stacked grey pouffes provide a seat.

By evening, three dining room pendant lights create soft twinkly mood lighting over the open plan living room.

Glazed panels above the green kitchen let borrowed light through to the bathroom behind the wall. The kitchen backsplash is made of light marble to complement the corian worktop that is accessorised with a white faucet and white kitchen sink.

The flooring throughout the apartment is wide wood plank with a dark distressed stain effect. This cohesive look connects the living area seamlessly with the bedroom.

Going through into the bedroom we find a tassel edged monochrome bed coverlet with geometric pattern, laid over a golden yellow upholstered bedstead.

A stripe of matching golden yellow has been painted around the perimeter of the room where the coving lies. A piece of abstract wall art also carries splashes of gold to connect the yellow of the upper and lower levels.

Neat gold wall sconces on white hinged arms act as reading lights at each side of the upholstered yellow headboard.

Each swing arm sconce is mounted above a wooden bedside unit with storage drawers. Beneath these an area rug has been situated to keep the floor warm underfoot around the bed.

The padded headboard of the yellow bed wings out from the base to create a cosy cocoon.

A gold wall clock decorates a plain white hallway.

A gold trim adds a luxe finish to the white marble tile floor in the home entryway.

A unique green bathroom vanity is accessorised with a black faucet, bottle trap and black wall mounted soap dispenser. A coordinated green towel hangs on an adjacent towel rail. The circular shape of the basin and vanity shelf is matched by a round mirror. The black metal frame of the vanity is echoed by the mirrors thin black frame.

The wash basin zone is visually separated from the bath area with the installation of dark wood tongue and groove over the floor, walls and around the bathtub itself.

White LED lighting brightens the dark wood decor around the bath zone. A white towel ladder provides a place to hang a green bath towel.

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California Dreamin’: Get that Cali-Cool Decor Aesthetic

Whenever I visit California, I wish I could take pieces of it home with me. The citrus-scented air, a bevy of mid-century modern antiques, the gorgeous foliage, and maybe two or three days a week of that warm California sun. Take one look at the decor boards on Pinterest and you’ll see I’m not alone. That effortless modern-meets-boho look is having a major moment. I swear 95% of my feed is comprised of lots of natural light, organic textures, and bohemian accents. Known for its use of mid-century lines, warm colors and nods to nature, the Golden State’s decor aesthetic is (seemingly) effortless and easy. So what’s a northerner to do? You don’t have to live in a Richard Neutra house to give your home a bit of California-cool. Here are 10 design tips to turn that Tudor home into a laidback bungalow.

Bright white walls coupled with natural light provide the perfect canvas for designing a California inspired room. Spice things up with natural textures, patterned textiles, and an end-of-bed bench.

An open shower lined with snow white subway tiles make a smaller sized bathroom feel more spacious and airy. For a touch of boho, install organic wood shelving and add a woven basket. Printed cement tile is used on patios in many warm climates but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a design cue and bring it indoors.

The dark wood floors contrast beautifully against the verticle paneling of the walls. Incorporate various textures by adding rattan decor, a soft lounge chair and a tropical plant of your choice.

Don’t be afraid to pile on the pattern! Colorful patterns like the ones used in this kid’s room above are an important layer to a room’s overall aesthetic.

To offset the starkness of white walls and linens, choose a bold accent color, like indigo. This pop of deep blue paired with nature-inspired wooden decor will solidify the coastal essence of the room.

For a calm and collected home office, search for furniture that is rich in texture and warm in color like the rattan handwoven chair and trash bin.

This live wood-edged headboard outfitted with white linens feels laid back and light. For an unexpected twist, substitute your traditional nightstand with a rattan bar cart.

Indoor plants are a simple way to bring a bit of California’s outdoor lifestyle indoors. Place them in a mid-century plant stand to make them feel more purposeful.

Pair your rustic barn table with mid-century chairs for a balanced yet stylish look. Add a gold or copper light fixture into the mix to evoke a much-needed sense of warmth and timeless charm.

Skip the shades and let the sunshine in! A white flowy curtain paired with lighter linens will keep your bedside feeling fresh and cloud-like.

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Small Tilted Kiosks in Canada Inspire a Sense of Movement

Atelier Urban Face completed the design and development of the “Mount-Royal Kiosks” project. These three oddly shaped buildings are meant to spice up urban family escapes in Mount Royal Park, Montreal, Canada.

“The new kiosks take on the shape of the hamlet,” the architects explained. “This was an important factor in the design, as a hamlet incorporates the idea of a village, one that encourages a sense of interaction and community. The positioning of the kiosks are random, representing a dialogue between the kiosks and the main pavilion, the waterfall at Beaver Lake.”

The installation is inspired by two main components: the play of light and the constant shifting of the wind. Thanks to steel structures, each kiosk leans at a different angle, as if being pushed by the wind. The first kiosk is inclined at 10 degrees, designed for both summer and winter class field trips. With enough room for up to 30 people, the activity possibilities are numerous.

The second kiosk, inclined at 20 degrees, houses tools and equipment for park services, as well as a first aid station. The third, with it’s 30-degree incline, is home to the ticket office, plus storage of recreational equipment.

“The uniqueness of each individual kiosk is the result of their integration into the park in the most discreet and harmonious manner possible,” the architects said. “Not only respecting the environmental integrity of the mountain itself, but blending in with the poetry of the landscape, and all this with an eye on longevity.” Information provided by Atelier Urban Face; photography courtesy of Fany Ducharme, Normand Rajotte, Sylvain Legault and Sylvie Perrault.

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