About that New Antidepressant Study

A new Lancet paper about antidepressants caused quite a stir this week. Headlines proclaimed that “It’s official – antidepressants work”, “Study proves anti-depressants are effective”, and “Antidepressants work. Period.”


The truth is that while the Lancet paper is a nice piece of work, it tells us very little that we didn’t already know, and it has a number of limitations. The media reaction to the paper is frankly bananas, as we’ll see below.

Here’s why the new study doesn’t t

Why didn’t the officer rush into Florida’s Parkland school mass shooting?

Why didn't the officer rush into Florida's Parkland school mass shooting?

The sheriff deputy was armed and in uniform, standing outside the Florida school where a gunman was methodically killing students, authorities said Thursday night. And yet he did nothing. In the hours since authorities described the deputy’s response, he has been vilified by his own department, the community and the president. The deputy, Scot Peterson, “clearly” knew […]