I played in the biggest Scrabble tournament in the country — and it was nothing like the game you grew up playing

scrabble championship

When most people think of Scrabble, they think of a leisurely game night in grandma’s living room.

But for a few thousand people, the iconic board game is a competitive, adrenaline-filled, highly cerebral discipline, worthy of hundreds of hours of study and a lifetime of obsession.

I’m one of those few, and last month, I flew to New Orleans to compete in the North American Scrabble Championship with 400 fellow word nerds.

The tournament was a marathon — 31 games in five days — that pushed me to the brink of mental exhaustion. But it also offered an illuminating look into a quirky subculture that toils in relative obscurity, far from the confines of grandma’s living room.

Here’s what it’s like to play in the biggest Scrabble tournament in the country:

The tournament playing room was a scene to behold. Most of the nearly 400 players hailed from the US and Canada, but some traveled from countries as far away as Thailand and New Zealand.

The competition was open to players of all ages, so long as they’re members of the North American Scrabble Players Association.

I’ve been playing tournament Scrabble since high school. Like many players, I got serious about the game after reading “Word Freak” by Stefan Fatsis, a journalist who explored the underground Scrabble scene and eventually became an expert-level player.

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