We tried out the LG V30s and its AI-powered camera tricks


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This Mobile World Congress, LG is laying low. 

The company held a press conference on Saturday, insisting that it wasn’t a press conference. The people who showed up were able to try a pre-production model of the upcoming LG V30s ThinQ — but it’s just a slightly upgraded version of the company’s current flagship, the LG V30. 

So is there anything interesting about the new phone worth mentioning? Well, sort of. The LG V30s ThinQ has exactly the same hardware as its predecessor, but it comes with more RAM (6GB vs 4GB), and can be had with more storage memory, 128GB or 256GB. It also comes in two new colors: Moroccan Blue and Platinum Gray.  Read more…

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Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea?

Whether it is acute or chronic, here’s what you need to know about diarrhea in dogs and when to worry.


Gastroenteritis is inflammation of the gastro-intestinal system and is the most common cause of acute diarrhea in dogs. The most common cause of gastroenteritis is ‘dietary indiscretion’. Indiscretion is defined as a ‘behavior that displays lack of judgment’ – and this often sums up your puppies behavior when he chows down on a dead rodent or smelly sock! Gastroenteritis is actually quite rarely due to what we relate to as ‘food poisoning’, simply in that it is often not bacterial in nature.

One of the best ways to treat a gastrointestinal (GI) upset from dietary indiscretion, if the diarrhea is not profuse and the dog is otherwise bright, well and eating, is to rest the GI system for 24 hours and then introduce a bland food (eg  boiled chicken and white rice) little and often until the upset has resolved.

Drug reactions (eg.  Antibiotics, antiinflammatories, others) can cause diarrhea in dogs on occasion.

Gastrointestinal inflammation from viruses (parvo, , rotovirus, coronovirus) or bacteria (Salmonella, Campylobacter, Clostridium, E.Coli) are surprisingly rare causes of diarrhea in dogs.

Haemorrhagic gastroenteritis is a potentially serious cause of diarrhea as the condition can lead to fairly severe dehydration. It can be accompanied by bloody diarrhea, often described as looking like ‘rasberry jam’ (sorry to put you off your lunch!)

GI parasitism (worms) is a relatively uncommon cause of diarrhea in an otherwise healthy dog. Dogs should be wormed regularly however to prevent GI parasites.

Systemic (ie. affecting the whole body) and metabolic diseases such as liver or kidney disease, electrolyte imbalance, pancreatitis, sepsis, peritonitis, pyometra, diabetic ketoacidosis, hypoadrenocorticism, intussusception or neurologic disease can all cause diarrhea in dogs. Usually there are other accompanying signs such as vomiting anorexia, lethargy or weight loss.

Another cause of diarrhea, especially in younger curious dogs is a GI foreign obstruction where something that has been ingested becomes lodged somewhere in the GI system. An intestinal forgein body usually, but not always, causes quite frequent vomiting as well, and these objects may need to be removed surgically. Dogs that eat pieces of string-like material, are at risk of what is called a ‘linear foreign body’. In this situation, the string is unable to pass through the GI tract and the intestines can become bunched, as they try to pass the linear material. In the worst case scenario foreign bodies can pierce the intestinal wall, and if you suspect your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have then take them to the vet immediately.


Any cause of chronic diarrhea (ie. diarrhea that lasts more than just a few days) is definitely best assessed by a Veterinarian especially if accompanied by weight loss, appetite changes or other symptoms.

There can be numerous possible causes pertaining to virtually any body organ system, but some of the more common are neoplasia (cancer), GI parasitism, liver or kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, food intolerance, diabetes, hypoadrenocorticism, chronic pancreatitis, bacterial or viral infection, partial obstruction of the intestines (either from a cancer, intussusception or foreign body eg. sock), gastric ulcer, constant diet change, drug reaction, Addison’s disease or food intolerance/allergy.

When to worry:

  • Your dog is older (greater than 7 years) – older dogs are sometimes less able to cope with the potential dehydration diarrhea can lead to, and older dogs are more prone to serious illnesses than young healthy dogs.
  • There are other symptoms such as weight loss, poor appetite, profuse vomiting or lethargy.

When to be slightly less concerned:

  • When your dog is otherwise healthy, bright, happy and with good appetite.

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New Kylie Minogue bedding adds a glamorous touch to bedrooms

If your style is ultra glam it’ll be ‘Love at First Sight’ upon seeing Kylie’s new bedding designs

Inspired by her show-stopping glamour the new Kylie Minogue bedding adds plenty of razzmatazz to bedrooms. Kylie herself says, ‘My new collection delivers a range of sumptuous and glamorous bedding that is perfect to brighten and add some sparkle to your home.’

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The new Kylie Minogue At Home range features five stylish designs, all perfect to liven up bedrooms for spring. As you would expect from the princess of pop the bedding designs feature heaps of embellishments and more than a touch of sparkle.

Take a look at the new designs below to decide which one is ‘Especially For You’…

Kylie Minogue bedding-Adele

Don’t let the neutral colourway deceive you, the Adele bed linen is oozing understated glamour. The soft oyster satin features a delicately embroidered feather pattern. Translucent sequins add a gentle sparkle across the bedding set, creating an enchanting feel.

Kylie Minogue bedding

The Cadence design is perfect for those that love shades of grey for bedrooms. Decorative swirls of sequins embellish the luxurious satin cover to create a real style statement.

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The Saturn design features an embossed panel of sumptuous velvet on top of a gorgeous grey satin ground. A glistening diamond trim adds the perfect glam finishing touch.


In on-trend tones of violet, the Marisa design is an eclectic mix of soft printed satin and sequins. The abstract floral print is beautifully accentuated with a mix of shimmering velvet and bejeweled cushions. To add further interest there’s a glitzy oyster sequin throw to co-ordinate.

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Kylie Minogue bedding

A panel of sumptuous quilted velvet dominates the sophisticated Gia bedding. The signature touch of Kylie glam is created with tiny silver sequins across an opulent ombre of deep slate grey to oyster.

All new designs are available from double to king, with matching housewife pillowcases. Available from selected leading retailers across the UK.
Prices start from £20 to £140.

The new Kylie Minogue at Home range also features co-ordinating accessories including soft velvet throws, embellished bolsters and diamante cushions to enhance the look.

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Easy Peasy Messy Bun Crochet Hat Pattern

This hat pattern is crocheted much like a regular beanie, but allows you to leave an opening at the crown to pull your messy bun or high ponytail through.

That means no more hat hair. These are perfect for winter activities like skiing and skating, or just for braving the chilly weather.

You can make this in any color you’d like, and it’s a very beginner friendly pattern.

It’s guaranteed to be a knockout gift for anyone on your list, but I definitely wouldn’t blame you if you kept one all for yourself!

Remastered Turok Games Hit Xbox Next Month

Along with their troubled System Shock 2 remake, Night Dive Studios have been working on remastering the first two Turok games since at least early 2016. Thankfully, that project isn’t troubled, and will launch early next month.

Night dive has announced that both games will release on Microsoft’s console on March 2. The games will be $20 apiece. These remasters seem to be light on new features, sticking instead of revitalizing the core experience of the titles under a new engine. You can watch a trailer below to see how the remaster of the first Turok looks in action.

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[Source: Night Dive Studios]


Our Take
Can’t say I’ve ever been a Turok fan, but even if I was, $20 for each game seems a bit pricey. I can certainly admire the work put into these remasters, but the price seems just a bit too high.